If you have chosen to remortgage your property (otherwise known as switching your mortgage over to a new lender) then you will need a team of residential property solicitors well versed in the area of remortgaging.

Whether you’re remortgaging to borrow more money or your circumstances have changed (many remortgage after a divorce or breakup, for example), it helps if you have expert legal guidance.

What does our remortgaging process look like?

The process of remortgaging your existing property is as follows:

    1. You decide to remortgage your existing property, either to raise capital or to take advantage of better lending terms. You then get in touch with us to deal with the matter.
    2. We will gather some initial details from you so that we can progress with the remortgage as swiftly as possible and with minimal disruption to you.
    3. We will obtain title deeds and any other relevant documents from your existing mortgage lender.
    4. If required, we will liaise with your mortgage broker.
    5. Your new lender will then carry out a valuation and, if satisfied, will send you a mortgage offer – we will also receive a copy of this together with instructions to act on behalf of the lender/
    6. We will carry out all relevant searches and investigations.
    7. We will then send the mortgage deed to you for your signature.
    8. Will will obtain a redemption figure on your existing mortgage.
    9. We will then submit a report to your new lender confirming that all is in order and we will request the money from the lender.
    10. When received, we will pay off your existing mortgage and pay any remaining money immediately to you.
    11. Finally, we will register your new mortgage at HM Land Registry.

Guiding you through the remortgaging process

We handle remortgaging cases of all shapes and sizes – all you need to do is get in touch. You can reach our team on 0161 865 2673 (Manchester office) or 01925 648 518 (Warrington office). We also have a contact form if you would prefer, or you can email

We are experiencing a high number of calls at the moment and unfortunately our team is not at full capacity. We are doing our best and will respond to your query ASAP.