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Interview with a first time buyer

first-time buyer interview

  Buying your first house can be both an exciting and nerve-racking experience. That’s why, with such a significant investment, it’s crucial to get first time buyer advice not only from the professionals but also from others who have been through the process themselves. This provides you with an impartial perspective and can help you [read more…]

North West property hotspots for first-time buyers in 2019


  Taking that first step onto the property ladder can be challenging, especially if you’re not sure where to look. In our guide, we’ll help you to identify the property hotspots of the North West to set your sights on in 2010. As a Manchester-based residential conveyancing solicitor, we have a wealth of experience in [read more…]

New Homeowner’s Checklist

buying first home

Helping you to remember the most important elements that you’ll need when you buy your first home. The weeks leading up to the completion of your first home purchase can be hectic. With searches, surveys and mortgages coming to an end, when you do complete the purchase, it’s all systems go! Here at ET Law [read more…]

Remortgaging guide for beginners: Everything you need to know

complete remortgaging guide - remortgaging your house

Our comprehensive remortgaging guide covers all aspects of remortgaging, from the definition of remortgaging, to the best ways to find great deals and remortgaging to release equity. For more information and to see how you could potentially benefit from switching your mortgage provider, take a look at our FAQs below. What is remortgaging? If you’re [read more…]

How to determine whether a property is worth the asking price?

  Buying a property is a significant investment, therefore it’s important to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. After you’ve done all of your researching, evaluating and calculating, there are a few things you should consider before making an offer on a house. Even if you’ve found a home that ticks all [read more…]

The first time buyer jargon buster

first time buyer jargon buster guide

Last Updated: 23rd March 2020 Many will argue that saving the deposit for your first home is the most difficult part of buying a house, but what about the endless list of overcomplicated terminology that comes with it? From comparing mortgages through to signing on the dotted line, you’re bound to come across words that [read more…]